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Notes & photos from today’s Coffee Ethic cupping

This morning, The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri hosted a coffee cupping for a small group of tasters.  Our friend Adie Williams took part in the cupping, which used coffee beans roasted by PT’s Coffee out of Topeka, Kansas, and she’s submitted the following cupping notes and photos from the event.  Thanks to Adie […]

417 Latte Art Throwdown was a success

The first 417 Latte Art Throwdown competition was a big hit last night!  Thirteen baristas representing 7 different coffee shops competed for the title of best latte artist in the Springfield area. The event was hosted by The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri, and was sponsored by PT’s Coffee, a coffee roaster out of Topeka, […]

Ozark’s Coffee Black Velvet blend is a winner

My buddy Sean Hunziker, who owns the Coffee Rush drive thru stand on Highway 14 in Nixa, is quickly moving into fulltime coffee roasting under the name Ozark’s Coffee Co. You can track him on Twitter as OzarksCoffee. Sean has been moving into roasting in the past few years, and he has really jumped into commercial […]

Lindsay Spills Coffee — the site

The other day, someone on Twitter who is in 417land posted a link to a blog called Lindsay Spills Coffee.  I’ve been entertained ever since. Lindsay is much like me in that she likes coffee, she works in downtown Springfield, and she has a tendency to spill things.  One of the best gifts I’ve ever […]

Sampling Burundi coffee from Kaldi’s at The Coffee Ethic

Over the past few days, I’ve heard from the guys at Kaldi’s Coffee headquarters in St. Louis (on Twitter as @Kaldis_Coffee) that they now have coffee from Burundi.  When you visit their Kaldi’s Coffee website, it’s simply called “Burundi” but at the store it’s tagged as “Burundi Kinyovu”.  Their description of the coffee states, “This […]

Brewing how-to photos for an Aeropress

Around the first of the year, I purchased an Aeropress from  After some trial and error, I ended up brewing some good coffee.  Since then, I’ve tried it on and off — interspersed with brewing an a Chemex 4-cup brewer, a French press, and a Techivorm automatic drip brewer — with some success.  Some […]