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Analyzing coffee vs. enjoying coffee

If you haven’t noticed, I really love coffee, and I love every aspect of it.  From the fruit of the coffee tree with its beans dried to green perfection, to the sweet smell of coffee roast smoke as the coffee beans are browned to the roast profile of preference, to the aroma from the grinder […]

Sweet Maria’s studies steep time & brew strength for cupping

I always say that making good coffee is just chemistry.  If you don’t believe that, check out this video from Sweet Maria’s.  They’re analyzing the brew strength of light roasts versus dark roasts in cupping and determine that they may need to actually grind light roast differently and also possibly adjust the steep time of […]

Brewing how-to photos for an Aeropress

Around the first of the year, I purchased an Aeropress from  After some trial and error, I ended up brewing some good coffee.  Since then, I’ve tried it on and off — interspersed with brewing an a Chemex 4-cup brewer, a French press, and a Techivorm automatic drip brewer — with some success.  Some […]

A random conversation about homeroasting

Today I ended up in a fun coffee conversation. Someone I’ve known for several years, after someone referenced a local Starbucks, randomly mentioned that he was looking for an old-time popcorn air popper, but said he couldn’t remember the name. I said, matter of fact, “A West Bend Poppery II?” He said, “No, not the […]

Homeroasting coffee primer

If you didn’t know, I roast my own coffee.  At the encouragement of a coffee friend, I jumped in a few years ago after reading through  I started off using a Whirlypop popcorn kettle on my gas grill, then graduated to a 1-pound rotisserie drum on my gas grill, and just this past Christmas, […]

Tuesday coffee: Coffee Rush & a Lola’s cinnamon roll

This morning I was in the mood for a Lola’s cinnamon roll.  Every once in a while, that mood just hits.  In my humble opinion, Lola’s makes the best cinnamon rolls in the Springfield metro.  I’m willing to be proven wrong, but so far, Lola’s is the place.  Lola’s Pastries & Eatery is a restaurant […]