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Global coffee prices on the rise

Coffee prices have recently set 13-year highs, and the impact of the global shortage in coffee will ultimately affect the cost of the cup of coffee you buy

Coffee tutorials and taste tests thanks to the St. Petersburg Times

The St. Petersburg Times had a day of coffee features yesterday, and it ended up producing some pretty informational articles. First was an article about the lingo of coffee tasting. Tasting coffee in a group setting — called cupping — can be somewhat intimidating, but I find that it’s one of my favorite ways to […]

Christmas Eve coffee: Price Cutter Starbucks in Nixa

I didn’t get coffee this morning, and I could really tell.  Because I’m such a coffee lover, my morning coffee is truly one of the high points of my day, and when I don’t get around to coffee, my day just isn’t as bright.  Today we have my parents, my sister, and my niece and […]

Wednesday coffee: Starbucks on Sunshine by Bass Pro

I’m definitely coming down with a cold, and it’s not very fun.  My throat hurt this morning, and as I mentioned Monday, I prefer to drink chocolatey coffee drinks when my throat hurts due to my belief that chocolate soothes sore throats.   I don’t have anything scientific to back that up, by the way. Anyway, […]

Friday coffee: Krispy Kreme

This morning, I had a meeting earlier than usual and I was running crazy late for it but hadn’t had anything to eat for breakfast.  So instead of making one of my regular coffee house stops, I swung through the Krispy Kreme drive thru simply due to convenience. I used to eat more Krispy Kremes, […]

Black Friday coffee: Price Cutter Starbucks — first Ozark, then Nixa

Don’t worry.  The headline may lead you to believe I get into the whole Black Friday hysteria.  I don’t.  I sleep in as long as possible and only venture out if necessary on Black Friday. Friday was our Thanksgiving at home.  My wife and I had decided to host our own for my parents, her […]

Thanksgiving Thursday coffee: Price Cutter Starbucks in Ozark

For Thanksgiving, we got out of the house at a decent time to take a family trip to see my wife’s parents for the day and have Thanksgiving lunch at their house.  We weren’t too motivated to get up early and make breakfast, and we had to stop by Price Cutter on the way out […]