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Remote control your coffee maker with Twitter

Use an Arduino board, controller switch and a downloadable script to turn your coffee maker on and off using Twitter

Let the Coffee Catcher help you with French press cleanup

On weekends when I brew my own coffee at home, I usually use a French press.  As you may know, French presses are great for brewing a good cup of coffee, but they’re a little bit of a pain to clean up.  When you’re done with the brewing, you have a clump of grounds smashed […]

Lifehacker: Brew the best possible coffee without breaking the bank

Over at LifeHacker, which is easily one of the best websites for those wanting to do life just a little bit better, they posted yesterday how to brew the best possible coffee without spending lots of extra money.  It’s a great primer on good coffee.  The basic suggestions (explained in a little more detail) are […]