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Our second 417Coffee Disloyalty Card giveaway, courtesy of PT’s Coffee

We launched the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card back in early June, and admittedly it’s taken some time for people to make the rounds.  There’s 8 shops involved, and 2 of them particularly are hard to get to — one because it’s outside Springfield and one because it’s on a college campus and has been running summer […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card! What’s a disloyalty card, you ask?  We’ve all used loyalty cards before — a punch card or swipe card that encourages you to visit the same coffee shop over and over for some kind of benefit or perk once you buy the right […]

Why Kaldi’s Coffee closed their Battlefield location

Kaldi’s Coffee, a St. Louis-owned company, has established itself as a reliable name on the coffee scene in the Springfield area.  They established themselves squarely in the south side coffee community several years ago with a spacious and well-appointed retail location in a high-end shopping center on Battlefield Road.  In their time at that location, […]

Coffee cupping tonight Wednesday at Kaldi’s Coffee in Springfield

Kaldi’s Coffee in Springfield, located at 900 East Battlefield Road (in the same shopping center as Buffalo Wild Wings and Coldstone Creamery), will be hosting two coffee cuppings tonight, June 9 tomorrow, June 10, at 5:30 p.m and 6:30 p.m. Apparently the 5:30 event is full, so the second 6:30 event has now been opened […]

Sampling Burundi coffee from Kaldi’s at The Coffee Ethic

Over the past few days, I’ve heard from the guys at Kaldi’s Coffee headquarters in St. Louis (on Twitter as @Kaldis_Coffee) that they now have coffee from Burundi.  When you visit their Kaldi’s Coffee website, it’s simply called “Burundi” but at the store it’s tagged as “Burundi Kinyovu”.  Their description of the coffee states, “This […]

Video intros to cupping coffee

“Cupping” is  a term used to describe the process of sampling a small amount of coffee to get a sense of its aroma and flavor.  Cupping is to coffee as tasting is to wine. If you dive into the world of specialty coffees, you’ll hear the word “cupping” quite a bit because this is how […]

New Year’s Eve coffee: Kaldi’s Coffee

For the last coffee stop of 2008, I decided to make a run to Kaldi’s Coffee.  I wanted to compare their Americano to what I’ve been drinking at the Coffee Rush.   Kaldi’s has a chalkboard up on the wall over their area where you can buy bulk coffee beans, and it’s announcing their new Espresso […]

Monday coffee: Kaldi’s Coffee and Big Momma’s

I started my morning with a run to Kaldi’s Coffee.  I have a little cold right now, and I’ve found that hot chocolate in my morning drink really makes my throat feel better when it doesn’t feel just right.  So, the drink choice of the day was a grande Mayan Mocha.  Wow — it hit […]