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Remote control your coffee maker with Twitter

Use an Arduino board, controller switch and a downloadable script to turn your coffee maker on and off using Twitter

Brew Methods: the new brewing how-to collective

James Hoffmann (@JimSeven on Twitter), who was the World Barista Champion in 2007 and the UK Barista Champion in 2006 and 2007, has posted at his blog JimSeven about a new site called Brew Methods that is very promising.  It’s a site collecting all of the videos and tutorials around the Web for each method […]

My Aeropress works!

I’ve found the Aeropress to be one of the most confusing coffee brewers out there, but so many of my coffee friends swear by it that I’ve just had to try.  I bought one over Christmas and have since been nothing but frustrated with it. The Aeropress is a compact package that consists primary of […]

Making coffee from melted snow

Again, the GimmeCoffee twitter feed pays off on another great moment in coffee history. Inspired by Mark Prince at CoffeeGeek, James Hoffmann over at his JimSeven coffee blog decided to try to make coffee using snow as the water source.  There are photos of the beginning stages of the process, although he doesn’t have any […]