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Latte Art Throwdown this Friday at The Hub

The Hub Coffee and Bicycles in Springfield, Missouri, will host a Latte Art Contest Friday night, September 30, at 8 p.m., and they expect former World Barista Champion Michael Phillips to be in attendance.

Dancing Mule Coffee hosting Mule-only latte art contest

Dancing Mule Coffee in Springfield, Missouri, will be hosting a head-to-head competition of its own baristas in a latte art competition this coming Sunday, February 13, at 5 p.m., and the public is invited.

Moka pot brewing at home made easy

Today I noticed Stumptown’s brewing guides section on their website. How cool! They have photo-driven brewing guides for press pots, Chemex, moka pots, vacuum brewers, Melitta pourover drippers, espresso and Cafe Solo brewing.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day.  I honestly didn’t realize that until I saw it filling up my Twitter screen from all my online coffee friends, so a hearty National Coffee Day to you!  It got me thinking — what are good ways to celebrate National Coffee Day?  I’ve come up with ten for your reading […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card! What’s a disloyalty card, you ask?  We’ve all used loyalty cards before — a punch card or swipe card that encourages you to visit the same coffee shop over and over for some kind of benefit or perk once you buy the right […]

Espresso tutorial video from Intelligentsia

Thanks to @marscafe on Twitter, I just stumbled upon this Espresso 101 video from Intelligentsia. This is a basic explanation of the process of making espresso in very simple, understandable terms. Anyone who makes espresso knows that this subject matter is as deep as it is wide, but this is one of the best coffee […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Google Map

I’ve been working up a 417Coffee Google Map for some time.  I did some updating today, and I decided I should make the link public. This map is an attempt to lay out all of the shops that focus on coffee in the 417 area code in these Missouri Ozarks.  It’s easy for us to […]

Latte art throwdown #2 scheduled for May 23

It’s official!  After some discussion between several Springfield coffee shops, we’ll get to enjoy another Latte Art Throwdown amongst local baristas in the near future. Dancing Mule Coffee, located at 1945 South Glenstone Avenue in Springfield, Missouri, (in the shopping center just north of the Brown Derby Wine Center and Aunt Martha’s Pancake House) will […]

What does your coffee say about you?

This week, Rogersville-based coffee roaster Ed Kuhlman tweeted an article from Australia titled “Your choice in coffee says much about you” that I found humorous but also pretty accurate as well. An excerpt from the new book, The You Code, the article involves the work of body language experts Judi James and James Moore as […]

Black Cat espresso shot from The Hub