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Notes & photos from today’s Coffee Ethic cupping

This morning, The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri hosted a coffee cupping for a small group of tasters.  Our friend Adie Williams took part in the cupping, which used coffee beans roasted by PT’s Coffee out of Topeka, Kansas, and she’s submitted the following cupping notes and photos from the event.  Thanks to Adie […]

Upcoming coffee cuppings & tastings

Both The Coffee Ethic and the Mudhouse in downtown Springfield will be offering opportunities to try out coffees in coming weeks.  If you’re not familiar with a “cupping” or a tasting, it’s simply an event, much like a wine tasting party, where you sample different coffees to get a feel for their aromas and flavors […]

Sweet Maria’s studies steep time & brew strength for cupping

I always say that making good coffee is just chemistry.  If you don’t believe that, check out this video from Sweet Maria’s.  They’re analyzing the brew strength of light roasts versus dark roasts in cupping and determine that they may need to actually grind light roast differently and also possibly adjust the steep time of […]

Coffee cupping tonight Wednesday at Kaldi’s Coffee in Springfield

Kaldi’s Coffee in Springfield, located at 900 East Battlefield Road (in the same shopping center as Buffalo Wild Wings and Coldstone Creamery), will be hosting two coffee cuppings tonight, June 9 tomorrow, June 10, at 5:30 p.m and 6:30 p.m. Apparently the 5:30 event is full, so the second 6:30 event has now been opened […]

Video intros to cupping coffee

“Cupping” is  a term used to describe the process of sampling a small amount of coffee to get a sense of its aroma and flavor.  Cupping is to coffee as tasting is to wine. If you dive into the world of specialty coffees, you’ll hear the word “cupping” quite a bit because this is how […]