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Video and review of the Coffee Catcher for your French press

After my recent post about the Coffee Catcher, a kitchen gadget designed to speed up your cleaning of your French press coffee press pot, the people from Kaffeologie, who make the Coffee Catcher, contacted me to see if I wanted to try one out.  Since I’m an avid French press brewer, and I’m always up […]

Let the Coffee Catcher help you with French press cleanup

On weekends when I brew my own coffee at home, I usually use a French press.  As you may know, French presses are great for brewing a good cup of coffee, but they’re a little bit of a pain to clean up.  When you’re done with the brewing, you have a clump of grounds smashed […]

Vote online to send a local barista to coffee camp

Barista Magazine and the Specialty Coffee Association of America is putting together a camp for baristas called Camp Pull-A-Shot, and local barista Cameron Peterson, who works for The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, Missouri, wants to go to a camp designed just for barista like him.  You can help, but you have to hurry and vote […]

7 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day.  I honestly didn’t realize that until I saw it filling up my Twitter screen from all my online coffee friends, so a hearty National Coffee Day to you!  It got me thinking — what are good ways to celebrate National Coffee Day?  I’ve come up with ten for your reading […]

Disloyalty Card giveaway: Red Rooster coffee mill grinder

I’m excited to announce that Red Rooster Trading Company is partnering with us in promoting the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card. For a while, I’ve been promoting that the first 10 people to complete and turn in their Disloyalty Card will be entered into a giveaway. Red Rooster has confirmed that they will sponsor that giveaway by […]

Drinking Honduras coffee for a good cause

A friend of a friend recently came back to Springfield after a mission trip to Honduras.  She brought back a pound of Honduran coffee she picked up while in Honduras, and my friend passed it to me to try it out.  The whole concept of selling origin coffee to benefit a charity in the country […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card! What’s a disloyalty card, you ask?  We’ve all used loyalty cards before — a punch card or swipe card that encourages you to visit the same coffee shop over and over for some kind of benefit or perk once you buy the right […]

Portland chocolate company creates single origin “coffee bar”

Elizabeth Montes of Sagahun, a small chocolate producer based in Portland, Oregon, has taken the concept of a chocolate bar and converted it into a chocolate-like bar make of coffee, effectively a “coffee bar”. Featured on the New York Times site today, the new KA-POW! bar is a concoction based on the idea that you […]

Reports: Rendezvous Coffee Lounge now closed

This morning I received reports that Rendezvous Coffee Lounge located in downtown Springfield, Missouri at 320 Park Central West is now closed. Last week, I was asked a few times if I had heard any reports that Rendezvous might be closing, but I hadn’t heard anything.  Rendezvous hasn’t generally been in my circuit of shops […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Google Map

I’ve been working up a 417Coffee Google Map for some time.  I did some updating today, and I decided I should make the link public. This map is an attempt to lay out all of the shops that focus on coffee in the 417 area code in these Missouri Ozarks.  It’s easy for us to […]