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Clover intro video on YouTube

I found this introductory video to the Clover coffee machine at The Coffee Ethic’s fancy new website. The video is produced by Wired, and it’s nicely done. It was created back in summer of 2008, so some of the news is slightly outdated, but it still provides a great overview of what sets the Clover […]

Monday coffee: Coffee Ethic

Oh, the joys of going to work when everyone else is taking time off for the holiday.  I’m expecting the office to be pretty empty this week, but the end of year work is pretty intense.  I won’t be bored, but this morning, getting up and out of bed and to the office was not […]

Tuesday morning: Coffee Ethic

This morning I dropped by The Coffee Ethic to grab a cup of drip from their Clover machine.  I’m realizing that  I am truly spoiled by that Clover machine.  If I don’t take the time to make my own coffee on my automatic Technivorm or with my manual Chemex, I crave Coffee Ethic’s drip. I […]