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Announcing the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card! What’s a disloyalty card, you ask?  We’ve all used loyalty cards before — a punch card or swipe card that encourages you to visit the same coffee shop over and over for some kind of benefit or perk once you buy the right […]

Traci’s self-portait latte art

Traci, one of the baristas at Big Momma’s on Commercial Street in Springfield, really enjoyed herself yesterday.  Their espresso was pulling some great shots, and she says she drank 4 lattes throughout the afternoon because it was so good.  In the process, she ended up making a self-portrait in her latte’s steamed milk at one […]

Fun food and upcoming events at Big Momma’s Coffee

I just stopped by Big Momma’s Coffee on Commercial Street to pick up a sandwich. If you like pesto, try the Jacquelin. It’s wonderful — the pesto sauce and focaccia combination are great! It’s even better hot off the panini grill. While there, I also noticed a new triangular pastry in the case. Joe said […]

Monday coffee: Kaldi’s Coffee and Big Momma’s

I started my morning with a run to Kaldi’s Coffee.  I have a little cold right now, and I’ve found that hot chocolate in my morning drink really makes my throat feel better when it doesn’t feel just right.  So, the drink choice of the day was a grande Mayan Mocha.  Wow — it hit […]