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Mr. D’s Sunday Morning Coffee Tip

When you order an americano, order it ‘scraped’. At the top of most americanos is a foam called crema. By ordering your drink sans creama, the taste is immediately better balanced, sweeter, and less bitter. Also, I think it’s a good way to test barista knowledge: “yea, can I have mine scraped please?” This morning […]

Coffee tutorials and taste tests thanks to the St. Petersburg Times

The St. Petersburg Times had a day of coffee features yesterday, and it ended up producing some pretty informational articles. First was an article about the lingo of coffee tasting. Tasting coffee in a group setting — called cupping — can be somewhat intimidating, but I find that it’s one of my favorite ways to […]

Thursday coffee: Swig at Mama Jean’s on Republic Road

On Wednesday evening, a friend of mine told me he’d noticed  a new coffee shop right beside Mama Jean’s Natural Foods Market at 1110 East Republic Road in Springfield.  Thursday morning, I decided to stop by  to see the place. Swig is actually a drink bar inside of Mama Jean’s.  It has its own sign […]

Monday coffee: Mudhouse double shot Americano

It’s Double Shot Monday at the Mudhouse coffee house in downtown Springfield.  I’ve been visiting the Mudhouse the past several Mondays to get a better feel for their Americanos.  I’ve struggled to get a strong sense of the flavor of their Americanos, and today I tried something different.  I’ve noticed how it confuses baristas to […]

Autospresso at the Library Center Mudhouse

This morning I stopped by the Mudhouse location at the Library Center on South Campbell just south of James River Freeway.  I was in the neighborhood and hadn’t eaten breakfast and was stopped by the library gift shop because I’d heard that might have a gift I’m looking for.  Unfortunately, the gift shop doesn’t open […]

More photos from my trip to Sinatra’s Coffee Gallery

Sinatra’s Coffee Gallery is a new coffee bar at the southwest corner of National and Chestnut Expressway.  It’s just opened recently, and I popped in this morning to see what it was like.  It has a very swanky feel like a martini bar, but it revolves around coffee instead.  They had Sinatra playing via XM […]

Friday coffee: Hebrews Coffee Americano – Went out of my way to get an Americano at Hebrews Coffee.

First Fog City Coffee experience

Last week, I dropped by the newly built Fog City Coffee in the Fremont Center on Battlefield, and while everything looked ready to go, the door was locked and no one was home. Today, during the icy drive into work, I decided to swing by to see if they were open, and the neon “Open” […]

New Year’s Eve coffee: Kaldi’s Coffee

For the last coffee stop of 2008, I decided to make a run to Kaldi’s Coffee.  I wanted to compare their Americano to what I’ve been drinking at the Coffee Rush.   Kaldi’s has a chalkboard up on the wall over their area where you can buy bulk coffee beans, and it’s announcing their new Espresso […]

Saturday coffee: Coffee Rush and a coffee Christmas gift

I mentioned yesterday that how much I enjoyed the Americano that Shawn from the Coffee Rush made me from his new espresso blend of coffees from all over the world.  I liked it so much I had to stop by again today. Today, we had my parents and my sister’s family over for a holiday […]