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Fumbling with the Aeropress

Sometimes it’s easy to make good coffee.  Other times it’s not so easy.  And so far, making good coffee with an Aeropress coffee brewer has eluded me.

Brew Methods: the new brewing how-to collective

James Hoffmann (@JimSeven on Twitter), who was the World Barista Champion in 2007 and the UK Barista Champion in 2006 and 2007, has posted at his blog JimSeven about a new site called Brew Methods that is very promising.  It’s a site collecting all of the videos and tutorials around the Web for each method […]

Coffee tutorials and taste tests thanks to the St. Petersburg Times

The St. Petersburg Times had a day of coffee features yesterday, and it ended up producing some pretty informational articles. First was an article about the lingo of coffee tasting. Tasting coffee in a group setting — called cupping — can be somewhat intimidating, but I find that it’s one of my favorite ways to […]

Brewing how-to photos for an Aeropress

Around the first of the year, I purchased an Aeropress from  After some trial and error, I ended up brewing some good coffee.  Since then, I’ve tried it on and off — interspersed with brewing an a Chemex 4-cup brewer, a French press, and a Techivorm automatic drip brewer — with some success.  Some […]

Entertain your kids by making coffee

I’ve realized the past couple of weekends that ever since I became a coffee geek and began taking time to make better coffee, my kids have become much more interested in helping with the process. Let me give you an idea of my coffee making process.  I start by measuring coffee beans on a digital […]

My Aeropress works!

I’ve found the Aeropress to be one of the most confusing coffee brewers out there, but so many of my coffee friends swear by it that I’ve just had to try.  I bought one over Christmas and have since been nothing but frustrated with it. The Aeropress is a compact package that consists primary of […]