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Don’t Be Hatin’—in defense of the iced mocha

Some coffee people, both those I’ve talked to and read online, like to talk smack on drinks like the iced mocha. I, for one, ain’t having it. There are two myths I’d like to dispel. First—iced drinks in the winter don’t make sense. This simply isn’t true. In the winter, the air lacks moisture and […]

On Coffee and Poetry

Good morning, snowy world! I think, this morning, I love you. I do have to admit though: I’d love you a little less without this coffee. Thanks crew at The Coffee Ethic, for making this world a little more lovable, and a lot more bearable. This morning, well, for a long time, I’ve thought about […]

Mr. D’s Sunday Morning Coffee Tip

When you order an americano, order it ‘scraped’. At the top of most americanos is a foam called crema. By ordering your drink sans creama, the taste is immediately better balanced, sweeter, and less bitter. Also, I think it’s a good way to test barista knowledge: “yea, can I have mine scraped please?” This morning […]

Joe West eyeing my tiramisu mocha with a mound o’ whip at The Hub

Is he looking at the mound of whipped cream or the camera? Posted via email from 417Coffee feed @

Joe West and the new pourover station at The Hub

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Barista’s Choice goes experimental at The Hub

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I’ve built a box fan coffee bean cooler that I hope to test while roasting today

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I fired up the Behmor roaster today to test roast some Ethiopian coffee

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Single origin pourover coffee now at Hebrews Coffee

Hebrews Coffee on Republic Road in Springfield is now offering manual pourover brewing on single origin coffees from PT’s Coffee. Pourover coffee is available all day long and it’s their only brewing method after 7 p.m. They currently have 5 different single origin coffees to choose from, so stop by and try one — or […]

Espresso shot from Heroes Coffee

I’ve tried a few espresso drinks from Heroes Coffee since they’ve opened, and if you’re into mochas and lattes, I recommend The Hero, which is their dark chocolate and toffee mocha. It’s very smooth and sweet. The espresso serves as the foundational taste of every mocha and latte, and if the espresso shot isn’t any […]