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A coffee roasting company popular to the Ozarks will soon open a full service coffee shop in Springfield. Sean Hunziker of Copper Canyon Roasters said his new shop will hopefully open its doors by spring. “We are shooting for no later than May 1st,” he said. The café will operate in conjunction with a Copper […]

Video and review of the Coffee Catcher for your French press

After my recent post about the Coffee Catcher, a kitchen gadget designed to speed up your cleaning of your French press coffee press pot, the people from Kaffeologie, who make the Coffee Catcher, contacted me to see if I wanted to try one out.  Since I’m an avid French press brewer, and I’m always up […]

Coffeehouses: the googlemaps of culture

To claim that coffeehouses are a center for American culture has become quite the cliché. Consider our 417 shops. Walk into Rendezvous or Hebrews, do you not see Christ-centered Capitalists at table after table? Go to Starbucks, are you not surrounded by either yuppies clad in Coach and ordering up purified art, or the modern-day […]

The Vacuum Pot

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by The Hub located in Springfield, Missouri, just north of Boonville and Chestnut. The Hub is a unique coffee shop in several ways. The owner, Jason Strother, focuses on manual coffee brew methods. One of the Hub’s brewing methods is the Vacuum Pot, which brews a […]

Another “make your own” pourover coffee bar

A few days ago, we posted about a pourover coffee station custom made by the people at Cafe Imports for $20 using plumbing supplies from their local hardware store.  Kevin Roy at Hebrews Coffee in Springfield pointed me to another “do it yourself” pour over dripper coffee station that he saw on Barista Exchange. Jared […]

The Clover

I encourage you to stop by The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, Missouri, on the downtown Park Central Square, and try a cup of single origin coffee from the Clover. The Clover is a machine that brews one cup of coffee at a time. It has controls to specify exact temperature and extraction time to custom […]

The Art of the Barista

When thinking a barista “expressing art”,  many times we simply think of latte art. This is true, but we must not forget the primary art form of the barista, which lies in the espresso. In mechanics, we learn to control systems through automation. The idea is to control all variables for a consistent desired outcome.  […]

Comfort Drink

This morning I got rejected from two of the nine graduate programs I applied to. One, I fully expected, being one of the most competitive programs in creative writing in the country. The other, well, let’s just say my head got a little big for my britches (I’m not even using puns right at this […]

Latte art from Kevin at Hebrews Coffee

This latte art was created by Kevin Roy of Hebrews Coffee in Springfield, Missouri on top of today’s Turtle Latte in a to go cup. Apparently, they have an internal latte art competiton weekly at Hebrews for tip money. Maybe it’s time to open that up and have a more public latte art competition of […]

Iced Mocha

Iced mocha at The Hub, Springfield, MO