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Norwegian Egg Coffee video from Ritual Coffee

I’ve never heard of Norwegian Egg Coffee before, but there’s much about coffee I don’t know.  This YouTube video put together by Ritual Coffee Roasters out of San Francisco shows a barista demonstrating how to make this unique coffee.  Even more, the video’s style itself and the personality of the barista are in and of […]

Sweet Maria’s studies steep time & brew strength for cupping

I always say that making good coffee is just chemistry.  If you don’t believe that, check out this video from Sweet Maria’s.  They’re analyzing the brew strength of light roasts versus dark roasts in cupping and determine that they may need to actually grind light roast differently and also possibly adjust the steep time of […]

Kuhlman’s Koffee reviewed on CoffeeNate

Tonight I was surfing through the coffee podcast and videocast scene, and I stumbled upon a video post by CoffeeNate in which he reviews Kuhlman’s Koffee, which originates from the roaster of Ed Kuhlman in Nixa, Missouri.  Very cool!  Ed’s a good guy who knows more about the coffee industry than I’ve forgotten, so it […]

Wilkins Coffee commercials featuring early Muppets

Over at Serious Eats, I found these YouTube compilations of 1950s commercials for Wilkins Coffee that Jim Henson took part in from 1957 to 1961.  Back in the day, commercials were 10 second bites of information, and these Wilkins commercials leverage those 10 seconds for everything they’ve got.  Early Muppets star in these coffee commercials, […]

Coffee video: Gourmet coffee industry flourishes

Here’s a interesting video from the Food and Drink portion of the Wall Street Journal’s website that reports, from a British point of view, particularly in the London area, that even in these down economic times, the gourmet coffee industry is heading upward. While many are cutting back in other areas, some are discovering the […]

How to prepare Turkish coffee

Two coffees I have never had and want to try are Cuban coffee and Turkish coffee. Thanks to CoffeeTweet, today I found several videos on YouTube about how to prepare Turkish coffee. The video below, “How To Make The Perfect Cup of Turkish Coffee”, is a nice short and sweet primer on the basics of […]

Clover intro video on YouTube

I found this introductory video to the Clover coffee machine at The Coffee Ethic’s fancy new website. The video is produced by Wired, and it’s nicely done. It was created back in summer of 2008, so some of the news is slightly outdated, but it still provides a great overview of what sets the Clover […]

Coffee video: Behmor coffee roaster in action

As you may know, I bought a Behmor 1600 around Christmas.  Thereafter, in a deal with my wife, I took a few months to clean out my John Deere room & workshop so I could roast down there, but I agreed to not roast until it was clean.  After it was sufficiently clean, I pulled […]

Video intros to cupping coffee

“Cupping” is  a term used to describe the process of sampling a small amount of coffee to get a sense of its aroma and flavor.  Cupping is to coffee as tasting is to wine. If you dive into the world of specialty coffees, you’ll hear the word “cupping” quite a bit because this is how […]

Latte help from champion barista Heather Perry

Champion barista Heather Perry teaches how to make a latte at home, and if you don’t have an espresso machine, she also teaches you how to make a similar coffee drink using a moka pot. Thanks to the people at and, as well as the lead to this video from @PTsJeff from PT’s […]