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Kuhlman’s Koffee storefront closing?

Yesterday we heard from two different people that the storefront of Kuhlman’s Koffee in Nixa is closing on Friday (today). If you don’t know Kuhlman’s, it’s been owned and run by Ed Kuhlman for the past several years.  Ed hails from the New Orleans area and from my understanding of it, used to work in […]

A random conversation about homeroasting

Today I ended up in a fun coffee conversation. Someone I’ve known for several years, after someone referenced a local Starbucks, randomly mentioned that he was looking for an old-time popcorn air popper, but said he couldn’t remember the name. I said, matter of fact, “A West Bend Poppery II?” He said, “No, not the […]

Fun food and upcoming events at Big Momma’s Coffee

I just stopped by Big Momma’s Coffee on Commercial Street to pick up a sandwich. If you like pesto, try the Jacquelin. It’s wonderful — the pesto sauce and focaccia combination are great! It’s even better hot off the panini grill. While there, I also noticed a new triangular pastry in the case. Joe said […]

RK Drums reopens for coffee drum roasting sales

I noticed over at SmallAxeCoffee that RK Drums has reopened.  RK Drums was started by a man named Ron Kyle to build coffee roasting drums, and he became a standard in the online coffee roasting community.  RK Drums became known as one of the top places to buy a drum for homeroasting on your grill […]

Homeroasting coffee primer

If you didn’t know, I roast my own coffee.  At the encouragement of a coffee friend, I jumped in a few years ago after reading through  I started off using a Whirlypop popcorn kettle on my gas grill, then graduated to a 1-pound rotisserie drum on my gas grill, and just this past Christmas, […]