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A Tanzania coffee side-by-side: Heroes vs. Intelligentsia

Recently I’ve been sampling the roasts from Heroes Coffee, a local coffee roaster based here in Springfield, Missouri.  Heroes Coffee also owns the Heroes Coffee Cafe located at the corner of National Avenue and Chestnut Expressway in Springfield, which is one of the shops taking part in our 417Coffee Disloyalty Card.   It’s the best location […]

Home Roasting your coffee

If you get a chance, try and roast your own beans for coffee. You can get green coffee beans cheaper than roasted beans, and you can take control of your roast. Roasting is a technique that takes decades to perfect. I am by no means an expert and can barely call myself an amateur but […]

Sweet Maria’s studies steep time & brew strength for cupping

I always say that making good coffee is just chemistry.  If you don’t believe that, check out this video from Sweet Maria’s.  They’re analyzing the brew strength of light roasts versus dark roasts in cupping and determine that they may need to actually grind light roast differently and also possibly adjust the steep time of […]

Java Station in Bolivar

Last night I was in Bolivar for the 4th of July fireworks.  While there, I stumbled upon Java Station, a coffee shop in a shopping center called The Vineyard on a road just north of the Bolivar Wal-Mart Supercenter, located at 840 East St. Martin St. (which, by the way, East St. Martin doesn’t appear […]

Coffee video: Gourmet coffee industry flourishes

Here’s a interesting video from the Food and Drink portion of the Wall Street Journal’s website that reports, from a British point of view, particularly in the London area, that even in these down economic times, the gourmet coffee industry is heading upward. While many are cutting back in other areas, some are discovering the […]

Clover intro video on YouTube

I found this introductory video to the Clover coffee machine at The Coffee Ethic’s fancy new website. The video is produced by Wired, and it’s nicely done. It was created back in summer of 2008, so some of the news is slightly outdated, but it still provides a great overview of what sets the Clover […]

Ozark’s Coffee Black Velvet blend is a winner

My buddy Sean Hunziker, who owns the Coffee Rush drive thru stand on Highway 14 in Nixa, is quickly moving into fulltime coffee roasting under the name Ozark’s Coffee Co. You can track him on Twitter as OzarksCoffee. Sean has been moving into roasting in the past few years, and he has really jumped into commercial […]

Coffee video: Behmor coffee roaster in action

As you may know, I bought a Behmor 1600 around Christmas.  Thereafter, in a deal with my wife, I took a few months to clean out my John Deere room & workshop so I could roast down there, but I agreed to not roast until it was clean.  After it was sufficiently clean, I pulled […]

Any interest in a 417Coffee meetup?

Recently I have had two different parties here in 417land suggest that I coordinate a meetup of people involved or interested in homeroasting coffee or simply the finer points of roasting and brewing coffee well.  I’ve been noticing more and more conversation going on about coffee in general, and it seems that the specialty coffee […]

Decorative roasted coffee?

I noticed a Twitter post from Our Coffee Barn, a green coffee, roasted coffee and coffee equipment supplier out of Wisconsin (on Twitter as @ourcoffeebarn) advertising “decorative roasted coffee” for sale on their site.  I had to click on that one to see what they’re talking about. They’re selling old coffee beans instead of throwing […]