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A look inside Classic Rock Coffee Company

Classic Rock Coffee Company is now open in Springfield, Missouri, offering locally roasted coffees by Ed Kuhlman under the Classic Rock Coffee label. The shop is eye-popping and follows the rock ‘n roll theme of the coffee brand.

A look inside Boca Mocha

Boca Mocha Coffee Cafe is now open in downtown Springfield, Missouri, at the old Rendezvous Coffee location at 320 Park Central West, featuring coffee from Haiti.

A Tanzania coffee side-by-side: Heroes vs. Intelligentsia

Recently I’ve been sampling the roasts from Heroes Coffee, a local coffee roaster based here in Springfield, Missouri.  Heroes Coffee also owns the Heroes Coffee Cafe located at the corner of National Avenue and Chestnut Expressway in Springfield, which is one of the shops taking part in our 417Coffee Disloyalty Card.   It’s the best location […]

Announcing the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card! What’s a disloyalty card, you ask?  We’ve all used loyalty cards before — a punch card or swipe card that encourages you to visit the same coffee shop over and over for some kind of benefit or perk once you buy the right […]

Notes & photos from today’s Coffee Ethic cupping

This morning, The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri hosted a coffee cupping for a small group of tasters.  Our friend Adie Williams took part in the cupping, which used coffee beans roasted by PT’s Coffee out of Topeka, Kansas, and she’s submitted the following cupping notes and photos from the event.  Thanks to Adie […]

Single origin Burundi coffee poured over ice

Today I stopped by Hebrews Coffee on Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri to get a single-origin coffee brewed via pourover. Kevin Roy, who runs Hebrews, suggested I try it iced instead of hot. That sounded intriguing. He told me that a couple days ago, he tried the Ethiopia Sidama Ardi from PT’s Coffee iced, using […]

Make your own drip pourover station

A  method of brewing coffee that is growing in popularity is manual pourover drip.  This method involves pouring hot water from a hot water kettle through a pourover filter cone coffee dripper (such as the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, the Frieling Cilio Porcelain No. 4 Filter Holder dripper, or the Melitta Perfect Brew Filter […]

417 Latte Art Throwdown was a success

The first 417 Latte Art Throwdown competition was a big hit last night!  Thirteen baristas representing 7 different coffee shops competed for the title of best latte artist in the Springfield area. The event was hosted by The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri, and was sponsored by PT’s Coffee, a coffee roaster out of Topeka, […]


After class tonight, I decided to stop by The Hub for a sweet treat. I ordered a vanilla latte, instead of my standard caramel. Before the barista (I think his name is Jason) began to make my drink he realized they ran out of vanilla earlier in the day. So I said I’d just take […]

Submit a photo of your favorite coffee mug

Everybody I know who drinks coffee has a favorite coffee mug. It’s funny how we get sentimental about coffee mugs, but I definitely have mine, pictured here (slightly out of focus). I actually have a favorite mug when I’m drinking coffee at home on the weekends and then a favorite thermal mug that I use […]