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Rainy days? Just use your coffee cup holder umbrella

It’s been rainy here in the Missouri Ozarks for several days, and we’re expecting more on the way.  But South Korean designer Jung-Woo Lee of ekdesign has created a way for you to enjoy your coffee and stay out of the rain as well in hopes of surviving the Springfield downpour of 2010.  He’s designed […]

A $12 cup of coffee? Not so crazy

Who knew all a coffee shop needed to do to make national news is offer a $12 cup of coffee? Crazy! Over the last couple of days, Cafe Grumpy in New York City has gone viral for offering a $12 cup of coffee. This featured brew is a cup of Ethiopian Nekisse from the Neji […]

Analyzing coffee vs. enjoying coffee

If you haven’t noticed, I really love coffee, and I love every aspect of it.  From the fruit of the coffee tree with its beans dried to green perfection, to the sweet smell of coffee roast smoke as the coffee beans are browned to the roast profile of preference, to the aroma from the grinder […]

The Vacuum Pot

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by The Hub located in Springfield, Missouri, just north of Boonville and Chestnut. The Hub is a unique coffee shop in several ways. The owner, Jason Strother, focuses on manual coffee brew methods. One of the Hub’s brewing methods is the Vacuum Pot, which brews a […]

Notes & photos from today’s Coffee Ethic cupping

This morning, The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, Missouri hosted a coffee cupping for a small group of tasters.  Our friend Adie Williams took part in the cupping, which used coffee beans roasted by PT’s Coffee out of Topeka, Kansas, and she’s submitted the following cupping notes and photos from the event.  Thanks to Adie […]

In support of hand grinding your coffee

A couple days ago, Oliver Strand of the New York Times Magazine blog offered his support for hand grinding coffee. I strongly agree with Strand’s stance on this matter. Years ago, after buying pre-ground coffee for a while, like most people who delve into the world of grinding whole bean coffee, I started grinding my […]

The Art of the Barista

When thinking a barista “expressing art”,  many times we simply think of latte art. This is true, but we must not forget the primary art form of the barista, which lies in the espresso. In mechanics, we learn to control systems through automation. The idea is to control all variables for a consistent desired outcome.  […]

What does your coffee say about you?

This week, Rogersville-based coffee roaster Ed Kuhlman tweeted an article from Australia titled “Your choice in coffee says much about you” that I found humorous but also pretty accurate as well. An excerpt from the new book, The You Code, the article involves the work of body language experts Judi James and James Moore as […]

If you haven’t tried the Mule, give it a chance

This morning I stopped by Dancing Mule Coffee in Springfield, Missouri, on the way to work. Because it’s on the other side of town from my typical path, I have to intentionally go out of my way to get over there, and I usually only make it once a week, but more and more, I […]

Heat Wave!

It’s 49 degrees outside—perfect weather for an iced drink! Okay, maybe that’s jumping the gun a bit, but seriously, wouldn’t an iced coffee hit the spot? I’m drinking one at The Coffee Ethic right now, looking out on the square, and watching episodes of The Real World for a research project. Ahhhh, the academic life. […]