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This Donkey Knows How to Kick

This morning I had an 8:00 am car service appointment on the southside of Springfield. Yes, 8 o’clock in the morning. On the southside. Two things that put my little hipster brain in a tailspin. But alas, I decided to try out Dancing Mule Coffee Company while I waited for my freshly serviced Jetta. To […]

Coffeehouses: the googlemaps of culture

To claim that coffeehouses are a center for American culture has become quite the cliché. Consider our 417 shops. Walk into Rendezvous or Hebrews, do you not see Christ-centered Capitalists at table after table? Go to Starbucks, are you not surrounded by either yuppies clad in Coach and ordering up purified art, or the modern-day […]

Comfort Drink

This morning I got rejected from two of the nine graduate programs I applied to. One, I fully expected, being one of the most competitive programs in creative writing in the country. The other, well, let’s just say my head got a little big for my britches (I’m not even using puns right at this […]

Don’t Be Hatin’—in defense of the iced mocha

Some coffee people, both those I’ve talked to and read online, like to talk smack on drinks like the iced mocha. I, for one, ain’t having it. There are two myths I’d like to dispel. First—iced drinks in the winter don’t make sense. This simply isn’t true. In the winter, the air lacks moisture and […]

On Coffee and Poetry

Good morning, snowy world! I think, this morning, I love you. I do have to admit though: I’d love you a little less without this coffee. Thanks crew at The Coffee Ethic, for making this world a little more lovable, and a lot more bearable. This morning, well, for a long time, I’ve thought about […]

Mr. D’s Sunday Morning Coffee Tip

When you order an americano, order it ‘scraped’. At the top of most americanos is a foam called crema. By ordering your drink sans creama, the taste is immediately better balanced, sweeter, and less bitter. Also, I think it’s a good way to test barista knowledge: “yea, can I have mine scraped please?” This morning […]

Heat Wave!

It’s 49 degrees outside—perfect weather for an iced drink! Okay, maybe that’s jumping the gun a bit, but seriously, wouldn’t an iced coffee hit the spot? I’m drinking one at The Coffee Ethic right now, looking out on the square, and watching episodes of The Real World for a research project. Ahhhh, the academic life. […]

Deep in the Heart of 417

Late last night I returned from Austin, Texas—a city that captured my heart in such a short time. Walking down South Congress Avenue, talking to any variety of eccentric, eating cupcakes from an Airstream trailer, and shopping in the coolest local boutiques, I became quite smitten with the metropolis found deep in the heart of […]