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Coffee Drinks Family Tree Chart

The graphically gifted people over at Pop Chart Lab have created eye-popping charts that work through the details of candy bars, culinary tools, beers and mixed drinks.  Now they have created an amazing chart that details the family tree of coffee drinks.

PopChartLab Coffee Chart

Pick your preferred method of coffee brewing and follow the lines to see what coffee drinks you can make with your Chemex, percolator, siphon, Aeropress or other brewer.  Or you can work in reverse, pick the drink you want to prepare, and then work backwards up the chart to figure out the elements of that coffee drink and how to make it.  Ever wondered what’s in a redeye, or a blackeye, or a flat white or even Vietnamese ca phe?  It’s on this chart, and you can work through the lines to make your own.

You can view the chart at the Pop Chart Lab site.  It will allow you to zoom in to elements of the chart to see the level of detail.  But, of course, they created the chart so you would buy one.  The chart would make a great addition to the wall of any coffee shop or coffee lover’s haven.  The “Compendious Coffee Chart” is 24 inches by 18 inches in size and costs $27 direct through their site.