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Latte Art Throwdown this Friday at The Hub

Hub Latte Art Contest promoThe Hub Coffee and Bicycles in Springfield, Missouri, will be hosting a Latte Art Contest tomorrow night, Friday, September 30, starting at 8 p.m. Even more exciting, though, is the rumor that Michael Phillips, 2010 World Barista Champion and co-founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters will be on hand to make some new friends and enjoy the coffee culture of Springfield.

Entry to the contest costs $5, and it’s an open invitation to anyone who feels qualified to compete. So far, our understanding of the setup of the contest is as follows:  The contest will be three rounds, and each contestant will be expected to be able to pour a tulip, a heart, and a rosetta.  Entrants will be judged by a three-judge panel on the quality of each style of pour over the course of the three rounds to determine a winner.  If there is a tie, the finalists will enter a tie breaker in which they will be allowed to free style pour whatever kind of latte art they think will win.  This will be a free pour contest, and no etching or use of utensils to detail the latte art will be allowed.  One challenge is that the Hub’s espresso machine is a Pavoni lever-driven machine, so if you intend to compete and have never used a lever-driving machine to pull a shot of espresso, it might be a good idea to arrive early to practice.

The Hub serves coffee from both Handsome Coffee Roasters of Los Angeles, California, and Intelligentsia Coffee.  This event is supported by Ozark Mountain Creamery, which is providing the milk for the contest.  The Hub is located in downtown Springfield, Missouri at 811 North Boonville Avenue, just north of the intersection of Boonville Avenue and Chestnut Expressway.  For more information, contact The Hub Coffee and Bicycles at (417) 862-0670.