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A look inside Classic Rock Coffee Company

Classic Rock Coffee Company is now open in Springfield, Missouri, just west of the intersection of Kansas Expressway and Sunset at 1900 West Sunset Street.  The owners, who include New Orleans transplant and local coffee roaster Ed Kuhlman, formerly operating under the name Kuhlman’s Coffee, pulled out all the stops to create a rock n’ roll experience for customers.  The interior of this establishment is very flashy with classic rock music pumping through their sound system all day.  With flat screen televisions, vivid lighting, comfortable seating as well as a decked-out coffee bar, Classic Rock Coffee is definitely a destination locale in the Springfield coffee scene.

On top of all the flash and great interior design work, they serve coffees roasted right in the back room of the cafe by Ed Kuhlman himself, and they brew their coffees on top of the line equipment using a variety of methods.  You can also find a wide range of equipment for purchase as well for your home coffee needs, and you can buy Classic Rock Coffee beans for your own home brewing as well.

You can find out more at the Classic Rock Coffee Facebook page or their website (although the website primarily promotes the coffee roasting, not the cafe).