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A look inside Boca Mocha

Boca Mocha Coffee Cafe is now open in downtown Springfield, Missouri, at the old Rendezvous Coffee location at 320 Park Central West.  The coffee shop features coffee from Haiti and has a broad coffee menu.  They offer a full breakfast menu, as well as lunch and dinner with a lineup of smoothies and beers for those wanting something other than coffee.  So far, I’ve only been there once, but I took a set of photos so you can see the inside decor.  The proprietors used local Springfield interior designer Sharon Taylor to change the atmosphere from the old Rendezvous look to a very bright, crisp, airy feel.  The best place to find more about about Boca Mocha is their Facebook page, which includes their menus and more.  They do have a website, but the website points you to the Facebook page for more information.

Bocha Mocha front entry
Boca Mocha food case, bar and register
Boca Mocha seating areas
Boca Mocha seating