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The Badger is In @The Hub Bikes & Beans!

When asking Jason Strother, owner of The Hub Bikes & Beans, his favorite thing about Intelligentsia’s latest seasonal espresso blend “Honey Badger”, he just smiles.

“That’s easy!” he says. “It’s the complexity. It’s not just sweet. It’s not just bright. It’s not 1-sided. There are layers to the espresso that only become evident once you’ve already started to drink it.”

This is a big deal coming from the guy who once told me that the only thing a barista could do to the quality of the coffee before serving it is diminish it. After having a couple shots of Honey Badger, I can say Jason has his work cut out for him! There is so much flavor in these 2 ounces of bliss, it should quite frankly be illegal.

For espresso drinkers craving a delicious departure from the Swiss chocolate flavor common to Intelligentsia’s popular Black Cat classic, Honey Badger will feel like a breath of ‘citrus-y’ fresh air. A flavor profile of lime and a hint of blackberry gives the blend a nice bright flavor. The heavy molasses mouth-feel rounds out the finish and keeps this espresso from feeling too mouth-puckeringly sweet. It’s a truly brilliant combination.

“The coffee from Kenya is what brings out the fruity brightness, while the coffee from Brazil gives it a little more body & depth,” Jason said.

The result is a marriage in sweet espresso goodness that can only be had at the Hub. If you’re thinking about heading out for a cup, do it quickly. Last time the Honey Badger offering was available at the Hub, it didn’t last long, and Strother is expecting the same results the second time around.

“Our last batch lasted us about one week,” Strother said.