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Dancing Mule Coffee hosting Mule-only latte art contest

This coming Sunday, February 13, 2011, starting at 5 p.m., Dancing Mule Coffee, located at 1945 South Glenstone Avenue in Springfield, Missouri, will be hosting its own internal latte art contest putting its own Dancing Mule Coffee baristas head-to-head in competition.  The public is invited to attend and watch the showdown.

Spectators might  score a free 12 oz. latte (although be warned, competition latte art drinks — as opposed to drinks you may purchase day to day with latte art on top — may tend to be overextracted to create visual contrast between the coffee and the foam). Overall, about 15 to 20 lattes will be created in their efforts to crown a Dancing Mule Latte Art Champion. Latte art competitions are always a good time to learn more about coffee preparation  and to socialize and get to know other coffee fans from the area.

If you don’t quite know what latte art is, you may have noticed that at some coffee shops, your drinks are poured in such a way that hearts, flowers or other designs appear on top of the drink in the milk.  Latte art involves steaming and texturing the milk in such a way that it forms tiny foam bubbles.  When you’re drinking a latte, proper steaming and texturing highlights the natural sweetness in the milk and also brings the espresso crema to the top.  The texture of the milk also allows a skilled barista to make designs with the milk based on how they pour the milk. A latte art competition is an opportunity for baristas to show off their skills.  It takes practice, training, a steady hand, and just a little luck to be able to pour a variety of designs in front of a crowd and your peers, especially when you’re limited in your number of attempts and being judged.

Stop by Dancing Mule Sunday to get a glimpse at some serious competition between friends, learn a little more about coffee, and maybe grab a drink.