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Remote control pourover coffee from The Hub with Twitter?

Just a couple of hours after I posted my recent post about remote controlling your coffee maker using Twitter automation, I got a response via Twitter from The Hub Bikes and Beans, a coffee shop just down the street here in Springfield, Missouri, known for hand-brewing every cup of coffee.  Better yet, it was a video response using YouTube.

In the video, Joe West, one of The Hub’s personalities, sees my Twitter post about remote controlling your coffee with Twitter commands, and posts his own Twitter command to have The Hub make him some pourover hand-brewed coffee.  What follows are several shots of Rube Goldberg-style mechanical actions taking place inside the Hub’s shop to grind coffee beans, dispense them into a pourover dripper, and then pour the water over the brewer to make a cup of coffee for the waiting Joe.

Who needs to hand brew coffee when you can have it all happen by remote control in your own shop?  Even better, though, is the concept behind the video that asks why you would remote control your Mr. Coffee when you can have hand-brewed coffee at The Hub?  The video was a creative and fun response to this novel remote control idea.  You can watch it below.