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Sweetening the deal: our coffee rewards for charity just got better

Over the past few days, I’ve been talking to coffee shops and throwing around some ideas about our coffee rewards for charity end-of-year promotion.  If you’ll remember, the original concept was that for every gift of more than $50 to one of our six selected charities, you would get 10% of your gift in gift cards to local Springfield, Missouri coffee shops, up to a gift card total of $50.  So, if you gave $50, you’d get $5 in gift cards, and $100 in giving would get you $10 in gift cards.

Another shop!

Things just got better.  First, the Mudhouse in downtown Springfield has jumped in as well, bringing the number of coffee shops involved to 5.  That’s exciting, and we’re exciting they’re participating because the Mudhouse has a big fan base in southwest Missouri.

More rewards!

Better yet, we’re going to give you bigger rewards!  A couple days ago, by Twitter, I announced we’d be giving double rewards to the first 3 givers, and since then, Jeff Hedrick of Springfield has given $50 to Convoy of Hope to get his double rewards of $10 in gift cards.

Here’s the deal:  we will now be giving rewards equaling $25 for a $50 gift to one of our charities or rewards equaling $50 for a $100 (or more) gift to one of our charities. (The plan is to give you one card for every participating shop, but we reserve the right to substitute cards and/or coffee as we need to.)  So we don’t overburden the coffee shops who are being are being so generous, I’m still going to cap the rewards at a total of $50 in gift cards.

I’m going to make sure Jeff, our first giver,  gets his due.  So don’t worry about him. But the “double rewards” offer is now terminated — instead, due to the generosity of the shops involved, you’ll now effectively get 50% of your giving back in coffee (up to a maximum of $50 in gift cards).

While supplies last

One other thing, I’m going to have to limit this promotion to continuing only while supplies (of gift cards and coffee from the shops) last, and gift cards and coffee will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. I’m not going to ask the coffee shops for gift cards to an excess, and they each have their limits, so if you’re going to give, give early (and give often).  I’ll keep giving away coffee gift cards and coffee as long as the shops are willing to participate and as long as you are giving.

Here are the details once more:

Once more, here are the details of the charities you can give to and the process to get your rewards:

1) You give a gift of at least $50 to one of the following charities before December 31, 2010:

  • Care to Learn: Care to Learn, based in Springfield, Missouri, provides immediate funding and action with the assistance of area schools to meet students’ emergent health, hunger, or hygiene issues and restore a child’s self-respect so they can get back in the classroom. Care to Learn currently has chapters helping students in Springfield, Bolivar, Nixa, Ozark and at Ozarks Technical College.Click here to go straight to the Care to Learn donations page.
  • Coffee Kids: CoffeeKids, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, works with coffee-farming families to improve their lives and livelihoods by working with local organizations in Latin America to create programs in education, health awareness, microcredit and food security in coffee-farming communities. Click here to go straight to the Coffee Kids donations page.
  • Convoy of Hope: Convoy of Hope, located in Springfield, Missouri, is a faith-based organization that provides help and hope to people in need in the United States and around world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing. Click here to go straight to the Convoy of Hope donations page
  • Dusty Feet: Dusty Feet, based in Springfield, Missouri, works in East Africa, fighting human trafficking and seeking to be an advocate for those oppressed by poverty without creating a foundation of dependency. They  focus on sustainable community and economic development and education for people society has dismissed: the street child, commercial sex worker, child soldier, or anyone subjugated by deprivation.  Click here to go straight to the Dusty Feet donations page.
  • Project H.O.P.E.: Project H.O.P.E., based in Springfield, Missouri, is a faith-based organization that works specifically in Nicaragua to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the sick, and aid the hurting and to support local churches of the areas being served to spread the Gospel of Christ to their communities. Click on the “Donate” button on the front page to donate.
  • World Vision: World Vision, based in Federal Way, Washington, is a Christian humanitarian relief, development and advocacy organization, serving close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries worldwide, dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Click here to go straight to World Vision’s “Ways to Give” page.

2) Email us a copy of the gift receipt (via PDF, JPG, etc.) or forward a copy of an email gift receipt confirmation (or however else you can come up to substantiate your gift), along with your name and mailing address,  to us here at 417coffee before January 30, 2011.  Use the following email address set up just for this promotion: giving@417coffee.com

3) We will mail to you either gift cards from local coffee shop (upon receipt of a valid gift receipt) or if you’re not local to the Springfield, Missouri, region, then we will ship you coffee beans fresh off the roaster at Heroes Coffee.    We have commitments to provide gift cards from the following shops: The Coffee EthicDancing Mule CoffeeHeroes Coffee (National & Chestnut Expressway location only), The Hub Bikes & Beans, and The Mudhouse.  Maximum gift card value to be awarded will be $50 per giver.