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7 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day.  I honestly didn’t realize that until I saw it filling up my Twitter screen from all my online coffee friends, so a hearty National Coffee Day to you!  It got me thinking — what are good ways to celebrate National Coffee Day?  I’ve come up with ten for your reading pleasure.  Hopefully you’ll get an idea or two from them:

  1. Try a different drink. We often get into ruts, drinking our favorite drink day after day because we know we like it.  But maybe National Coffee Day is a good chance to branch out and drink something new or something you haven’t tried in a while.  Yesterday, thanks to barista Jacque DesMarais from The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, Missouri, I drank my first traditional cappuccino in a long while.  It’s not that I don’t like cappuccinos.  It’s just that I never get around to them.  I let Jacque pick the drink she was going to brew/serve, and she chose the traditional capp, and it was well worth the risk.
  2. Let the barista choose your drink. An easy followup to Number 1, you can take a trick out of my book and let your barista pick what to serve you.  Honestly, it can throw many baristas for a loop if you give them what I call a “barista’s choice”.  They often start asking questions about what you like and what you’re in the mood for, all in an attempt to get out of you what you’re wanting to drink so they can give you a positive customer experience.  But I always put it back on them and tell them to make me something that they really enjoy drinking or making lately.  Every barista I know has drinks they’re working on or drinks they just love, and it’s a good chance to let them know that you appreciate the thought, skill and artistry that goes into what they do every day.
  3. Try a new brew method. There are so many brew methods available, especially at many of the shops we have here in the Springfield area, like The Hub Bikes & Beans, Dancing Mule Coffee, The Mudhouse, The Coffee Ethic, and Hebrews Coffee, all of which have multiple brew methods available for their beans, including (depending on the shop) Chemex, French press, pourovers, siphon pots, or an Eva Solo brew.  For the broadest options, hit The Hub because they offer 4 or 5 different brew methods these days, but all of the shops listed above offer at least 2.
  4. Switch up your drink of choice. Do you normally drink your coffee drip?  Go espresso.  Do you normally drink espresso drinks? Go drip.
  5. Try a new bean or blend. Again, we often get stuck on what we really like.  There are so many beans and blends available from so many roasters, and I encourage you to branch out and try something you haven’t before.  Again, we’re spoiled here in southwest Missouri because we have beans and blends from PT’s Coffee at Dancing Mule, Hebrews and The Coffee Ethic, plus Intelligentsia coffees at The Hub (or if you’re in the Branson area, at Vintage Paris), not to mention the local roasts produced by Heroes Coffee and the Mudhouse and the well done roasts you can find from Kaldi’s Coffee on the Missouri State campus or at The Cup on Walnut Street.
  6. Buy some new equipment for brewing at home. National Coffee Day is a great chance to splurge on yourself and get yourself some new brewing equipment at home.  Maybe you need a grinder so you can have fresher beans, or maybe it’s time to upgrade from a blade grinder to a burr grinder.  Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a French press.  Go buy yourself something you’ve been considering to broaden your coffee experience.  In the Springfield, Missouri area, you can buy brewing equipment and grinders at The Coffee Ethic and Dancing Mule Coffee, and I find that the Target store in Springfield has a good selection of French presses.
  7. Visit a new shop. Have your finished your 417Coffee Disloyalty Card yet?  Probably not.  And we even have a prize package from PT’s Coffee to give away to one of the first 25 to turn in their cards.  The whole purpose of the Disloyalty Card is to get you to move around between shops and try different coffees in different styles and experience the different cultures in each shop.  Visit a new shop today, and while you’re at it, get a punch on your Disloyalty Card to move one step closer to that PT’s prize package.

These are just a few ideas, but I’m sure you can come up with more on your own.  Get out there and enjoy the coffee on this most caffeinated celebration of days!