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Disloyalty Card giveaway: Red Rooster coffee mill grinder

I’m excited to announce that Red Rooster Trading Company is partnering with us in promoting the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card. For a while, I’ve been promoting that the first 10 people to complete and turn in their Disloyalty Card will be entered into a giveaway. Red Rooster has confirmed that they will sponsor that giveaway by providing one of their Red Rooster Trading Company Camano Coffee Mill bundles for the prize in the “first 10” giveaway. The Camano Bundle consists of a Camano hand-grind coffee mill with jar, an extra 16 oz. jar with a zinc lid, and a 2 oz. coffee scoop. If you buy this bundle from Red Rooster Trading Company, it would cost you $65, so we appreciate their providing this package for our Disloyalty Card participants. So far, 6 Disloyalty Cards have been turned in as completed, so 4 spots remain in this giveaway. Get to it so you can get a 1 in 10 chance to win this Red Rooster bundle!

Red Rooster Trading Company Camano Coffee Mill

Red Rooster Trading Company is based out of Memphis, Missouri, and they make a mean hand grinder and coffee mill. Their Camano coffee mill purportedly was inspired by coffee love on Camano Island, Washington, but this little beauty is now built in northeast Missouri. They travel to Amish country to personally pick the walnut hardwoods to hand build these coffee mills, and they are rustic works of art that could easily turn into the family heirlooms I see with other hand coffee mills from days of old. The Camano coffee mill has a 4-inch diameter and it’s 9 inches tall with a conical burr grinder inside. The cast grinding mechanism is full adjustable and is mounted on a handmade hardwood cap with a food grade finish that attaches to a standard Ball-style jar. The jar that comes with the coffee mill can hold enough grounds for 4-5 cups of drip coffee.

Want to see a Red Rooster Trading Company Camano coffee mill in person? The Coffee Ethic on Park Central Square in downtown Springfield, Missouri, has them on hand for retail sale. Tom is offering them for sale, and he might let you play with one and test out the grind if you ask nice. It’s a beautiful, well-built hand coffee grinder, and if you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’m partial to manually grinding your own coffee as much as possible instead of using a power grinder or buying it pre-ground. I honestly have thought about switching over to a Red Rooster grinder and replacing my tried and true Zassenhaus coffee mill that I bought on eBay.