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KY3 news coverage of the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card

Thanks to the diligence of KY3 News reporter Marie Saavedra, the 6 p.m. newscast of the KY3 News out of Springfield, Missouri, featured a news feature piece on the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card that we launched last Friday.  The video is below:

I received a tweet on Monday from Marie asking if we could meet up to talk about the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card. We talked on the phone, and I was excited KY3 News had picked up the story. I never expected the television news to run a story on the disloyalty card, and I was really excited about the idea. Marie already had a plan to talk to a few coffee shops on camera, and she wanted me to talk about the card on camera as well, but my Monday was totally booked. She planned to move ahead without me and just use the information on the website and the interviews of the coffee shops. I was fine with that because the 417Coffee Disloyalty Card is more about promoting local coffee and the shops involved than about me making a name for myself.

Then something crazy happened — some guy in Buffalo (allegedly) decided to light his (alleged) meth lab on fire when the cops showed up at his house. That become Monday’s breaking news, and I got a tweet from Marie that she was being sent on location and wouldn’t be able to complete the story about the disloyalty card but wanted to continue to work on it.

Come Tuesday, and Marie was back on my phone wanting to meet up to shoot some video. I agreed to meet her at The Hub Bikes and Beans down the street from my office. In the early afternoon, Marie and her cameraman stopped by The Hub to a quick interview. It was a good time — I honestly hate being on camera, but it all worked out — but Marie already had bad news. The piece had already been bumped again because the Springfield city council was talking about creating jobs, but she said she wanted to get it on this week. Her cameraman shot some footage of Jason from the Hub making coffee, and he and Marie both tried some coffee (she got a frappe and he got a Costa Rica pourover drip coffee) prepared by Jason. Apparently, they also stopped by The Coffee Ethic as well to shoot additional footage, and they interviewed barista (and two-time Springfield Latte Art Throwdown champion) Dave Soper while there.

Today I got a tweet from Marie that the news piece was set to go on the 6 p.m. newscast. Of course, a storm rolled through, and I lost power at my house and it didn’t get recorded by the DVR. But thanks to the technology of the future, the video and the story (as well as a link) is live on the KY3 website, and I’ve posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

It was fun to proclaim the benefits of disloyalty to the KY3 news team, and it’s exciting that the disloyalty card caught their attention. A big thanks goes out to Marie for persisting and working to get the piece recorded, edited and on the newscast. The more we can promote good coffee in every form of media, the more better!