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Espresso tutorial video from Intelligentsia

Thanks to @marscafe on Twitter, I just stumbled upon this Espresso 101 video from Intelligentsia. This is a basic explanation of the process of making espresso in very simple, understandable terms. Anyone who makes espresso knows that this subject matter is as deep as it is wide, but this is one of the best coffee tutorial videos I’ve seen on the Web. If you know a good barista or shop owner, you know they are all about perfecting their espresso pulls, and this video shows the detail and care that must be taken to make a good espresso shot. This video is part of a series, so don’t be shocked if you see more from this series on 417coffee.  I keep thinking about making coffee videos, but then I see videos like this and realize there’s some really good stuff already out there.

Espresso, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.