Peet's Coffee & Tea


Announcing the 417Coffee Google Map

I’ve been working up a 417Coffee Google Map for some time.  I did some updating today, and I decided I should make the link public.

This map is an attempt to lay out all of the shops that focus on coffee in the 417 area code in these Missouri Ozarks.  It’s easy for us to get zoned in on the Springfield area since there are so many shops here, but please know that we keep our eyes open for shops all over the 417, including Branson, Hollister, Monett, Lebanon, Willard, Bolivar and more.  The 417Coffee Google Map is an attempt to do some tracking and offer some useful information.

You can view the Springfield, Branson & 417 Missouri Ozarks Coffee Shops in a larger map by clicking through this link.

I’ve used three different icons.  One icon is our old 417Coffee logo (which looks better on the map than our new logo), and this icon is designed to designate locally-owned coffee shops.   Second, there’s a generic cup logo that designates chain coffee shops that aren’t locally owned.  And third is the Starbucks logo that designates all the local Starbucks coffee locations.  (I’ll openly acknowledge that some would debate that Kaldi’s and Fog City may or may not be “locally owned”, but that’s a question for another day, but I generally consider Kaldi’s local due to its Missouri ownership while Fog City appears to represent itself as a piece of the San Francisco Oven scene.)

I will add more to the map as time goes on, and I do my best to keep it updated, although it lags sometimes due to shops coming and going.  I’m open to collaboration and tagging of photos and videos on the map if we can figure out how to make that work.  Enjoy!