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Another “make your own” pourover coffee bar

A few days ago, we posted about a pourover coffee station custom made by the people at Cafe Imports for $20 using plumbing supplies from their local hardware store.  Kevin Roy at Hebrews Coffee in Springfield pointed me to another “do it yourself” pour over dripper coffee station that he saw on Barista Exchange.

Jared Rutledge from North Carolina posted at Barista Exchange the supplies list, step by step instructions and photos of his handmade pour over coffee bar.  His pourover coffee station holds four large beehouse coffee drippers, and the distinctive that several people have pointed out is that it features rubber O-ring gaskets that support the drippers.  That’s a nice touch that most pourover coffee bars don’t have.  I also like the vintage cofffee table legs that he used on his station.

Click through to the Barista Exchange page to get his parts list and instructions and to view the comment thread and discussion from other baristas on the site.