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Single origin Burundi coffee poured over ice

Today I stopped by Hebrews Coffee on Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri to get a single-origin coffee brewed via pourover. Kevin Roy, who runs Hebrews, suggested I try it iced instead of hot. That sounded intriguing. He told me that a couple days ago, he tried the Ethiopia Sidama Ardi from PT’s Coffee iced, using the pourover to brew straight into a glass of ice. He said it tasted almost like a glass of pomegranate juice. Today he brewed a cup of Burundi Mwurire single-origin coffee using the same method. I’ve never seen anyone brew straight into a glass of ice via pourover, but it’s a good idea. The resulting drink is a bright, flavorful iced coffee that really accentuates the sweet and fruity flavors in the Burundi bean, especially a great mouthful of green apple flavor that comes out of the Burundi. Great job, Kevin!