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Comfort Drink

This morning I got rejected from two of the nine graduate programs I applied to. One, I fully expected, being one of the most competitive programs in creative writing in the country. The other, well, let’s just say my head got a little big for my britches (I’m not even using puns right at this point) and I’m pissed they didn’t let me in. This institution shall remain nameless but let’s just say I drafted a nice email to them saying thank you for the rejection but I got into another school that is much higher ranked than you and so you can take your little Big 12 moniker and shove it right up your…

Well, I didn’t send the email. And, I await more (hopeful) acceptances and (hopefully not) rejections. But today, what comforts me? Joe West here at The Hub just made me a delicious frappe. Not only is this a go-to comfort drink for the weary (and for obese Americans everywhere…hence, don’t make it an everyday comfort), but The Hub is the only shop in town that uses shots of fresh espresso in their frappes. Black Cat from Intelligentsia to be exact. They aren’t messing around.

So here’s to rejections, and ego-busting. Here’s to comfort drinks and the hope, however small, they bring. Thanks, Joe.