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Don’t Be Hatin’—in defense of the iced mocha

Some coffee people, both those I’ve talked to and read online, like to talk smack on drinks like the iced mocha. I, for one, ain’t having it.

There are two myths I’d like to dispel. First—iced drinks in the winter don’t make sense. This simply isn’t true. In the winter, the air lacks moisture and your lips, your mouth, well, your whole body, craves hydration. Speaking in the sensory sense (if that even makes any sense) iced drinks provide much needed relief, more quickly than their hot counterparts, on a dry day.

Second—iced mochas aren’t for people who know anything about coffee. Again, this just isn’t true! It is crucial to make sure your barista knows what they’re doing (like Joe at The Hub, who pulled this great drink for me minutes ago), because if they don’t pull a good shot your iced mocha can quickly become nothing more than an ill-tasting glass of chocolate milk. But, go to a good shop where the baristas are well trained and a quality espresso is used, and you’re on your way to an afternoon delight.

Thanks Joe for pulling a good one today. Happy sipping peeps.

Iced Mocha at The Hub