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New Heroes Coffee kiosk location in Bolivar

I got word today that the Woods Supermarket in Bolivar, Missouri, has changed its coffee cafe over to a Heroes-branded coffee cafe.  I haven’t seen it personally, but it may be more of a kiosk than a cafe.  A visit to the Heroes Coffee website shows that they’re now listing the Woods Supermarkets in Bolivar and Sedalia as having a Heroes location, adding to their locations in other supermarkets, including Dover Supermarket in Dover, Arkansas, Ron’s Supermarket in Pittsburg, Kansas, and their location at Cox South Hospital in Springfield.

The Bolivar location has a Twitter account under the name @BolivarCoffee and they also have a Facebook fan page.  Reports are that if you follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook, they’ll give you a free cup of coffee.  Also, the Twitter account is promoting some discounts, such as their current discount of 50% off drinks until February 2.