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Springfield News-Leader features The Hub Bikes & Beans

Today’s Springfield News-Leader ran a story about The Hub Bikes and Beans, commonly known as The Hub.  It’s one of the newest coffee shops in Springfield, located at 811 North Boonville, just north of Chestnut Expressway on Boonville.  A store with a relaxed downtown feel, The Hub combines BMX bikes and manually-brewed high-quality coffees and espresso.

One quote from the article is from Jason Strother, the master of the coffee side of the shop, with an edit to correct the News-Leader’s handiwork:

“We brew our coffee one cup at a time without the use of auto brewers,” Strother said. The Hub uses hand grinders and doesn’t believe in buttons, he said. Strother said he has been in the coffee business since he was 12 years old.

The article also notes that while the bike side of the shop, run by Joe West, is primarily a BMX store, they’ll help with any kind of bike needs.  Joe was quoted in the News-Leader to say, “”We are not here to start a business as much as we are here to do what we love.”

As to the atmosphere, the News-Leader notes that the furniture in the hub is hand-made as well.

As part of this atmosphere, The Hub has indoor bike racks so that riders needn’t worry about locking their bikes outside.  Hand-crafted chairs provide another form of comfort. Strother, who made the chairs himself, said the cost of all the chairs in the shop was equal to the cost of a single chair he priced from a furniture dealer.

If you haven’t yet been to The Hub, stop in for a hand-crafted coffee, look over the bike shop and sit by the fireplace for a relaxed moment downtown.