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Espresso shot from Heroes Coffee

I’ve tried a few espresso drinks from Heroes Coffee since they’ve opened, and if you’re into mochas and lattes, I recommend The Hero, which is their dark chocolate and toffee mocha. It’s very smooth and sweet.

The espresso serves as the foundational taste of every mocha and latte, and if the espresso shot isn’t any good, the drink itself will suffer. Today I got around to trying out a straight shot of espresso at Heroes Coffee. I have a friend who really enjoys their espresso straight, and I had an inkling that their espresso was good based on the welli-balanced flavors of their Hero drink.

Today’s sample was a good espresso shot. It had a good crema on top, and the flavor itself was a solid, middle-of-the-road espresso blend. It wasn’t too bright or too dark in its flavor combinations, and it had enough complexity to keep me interested. All in all, it’s one of the better, more well-rounded espresso shots that I’ve had in Springfield. And on top of that, it came in a fancy little glass that added to the experience. I’ve posted a photo below for your viewing pleasure — unfortunately, I took a couple sips before I took the photo, so you don’t get a full view of the crema.

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