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Kuhlman’s Koffee reviewed on CoffeeNate

Tonight I was surfing through the coffee podcast and videocast scene, and I stumbled upon a video post by CoffeeNate in which he reviews Kuhlman’s Koffee, which originates from the roaster of Ed Kuhlman in Nixa, Missouri.  Very cool!  Ed’s a good guy who knows more about the coffee industry than I’ve forgotten, so it was good to see that he got some time with a coffee vodcast that is picking up more steam lately.  I’ve posted the video below (although I’m not a huge fan of Vimeo, so don’t hold me responsible if it takes forever to load).  In essence, Nate really enjoyed the Ethiopian coffee but wasn’t blown away by the Sumtra. He also liked the Kuhlman’s Koffee pricing, but said you’d be better off ordering by calling than by shopping on  You can follow CoffeeNate on Twitter at @coffeenate and you can follow Kuhlman’s Koffee on Twitter at @kuhlmanscoffee.

CoffeeNate 13 : Kuhlman’s Koffee Review from Nathan Smith on Vimeo.