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Clover intro video on YouTube

I found this introductory video to the Clover coffee machine at The Coffee Ethic’s fancy new website. The video is produced by Wired, and it’s nicely done. It was created back in summer of 2008, so some of the news is slightly outdated, but it still provides a great overview of what sets the Clover brewing system apart from other ways of brewing coffee.

If you’ve never tried coffee from a Clover, it’s a must. You can get coffee from a Clover at The Coffee Ethic, and they also have one at the Roasterie Cafe in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, and they may have one at the cafe in the Roasterie plant near downtown Kansas City (but I’ve never been to the plant cafe).

It can be slightly confusing the first time you order — essentially, you pick which single origin bean you want from a list, and then they put those beans into the Clover to make a single-cup drink customized to that bean’s characteristics. At The Coffee Ethic, they have jars of beans along the wall behind the register, with the names of the coffees above the jars and a price per cup along with the name. Just pick your coffee, tell them you want it in the Clover, and off you go.