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Decorative roasted coffee?

I noticed a Twitter post from Our Coffee Barn, a green coffee, roasted coffee and coffee equipment supplier out of Wisconsin (on Twitter as @ourcoffeebarn) advertising “decorative roasted coffee” for sale on their site.  I had to click on that one to see what they’re talking about.

They’re selling old coffee beans instead of throwing them away.  I always have old beans in my pantry from roasting too much or that people gave to me or that I bought in a period when I wasn’t roasting but needed some coffee at the house, and I honestly hate throwing out old beans.  It just feels wasteful.  These guys have come up with a solution — they’ve taken their old beans, bagged them up with a warning that life would be better if you didn’t try to grind up and drink these beans, and now they’re selling them in 8-pounds batches for decoration purposes for $20 a pop. How creative!