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Black Walnut Month at the Mudhouse

This morning, during my Double Shot Monday visit to the Mudhouse, I noticed an odd poster over by the pastries counter that wasn’t there before. It’s announcing that March is Black Walnut Month at the Mudhouse. Very creative!

If you didn’t know, black walnuts are the official nut of the state of Missouri. Sitting there waiting on my Americano, I was talking to Eric, one of the owners, when I noticed the poster. He said that during March they will be putting black walnuts into a variety of their products. He apparently has bad memories of being directed of go pick up black walnuts in the yard as a kid, but it sounds like it didn’t scar him for life.

I had noticed this morning that there was a black walnut scone (with something else thrown in) in the pastry case. He said they will also be making black walnut coffee drinks, and the poster has a listing of several black walnut drinks you can purchase. When he mentioned the black walnut coffee drinks, the staff behind the counter all started chirping up about how surprised they were at how good the black walnut coffee drinks were. Eric said that they’ve been a hit so far.

Visit the Mudhouse and check out the Black Walnut Month poster to see other options. The poster refers you to their website, but I don’t find the blog updated to give out any information on Black Walnut Month and what they will be offering. I hope they update the site so you can see what’s available prior to going to the Mudhouse. I’ll probably be testing out some black walnut drinks throughout the month, so I’ll keep you posted.