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Kuhlman’s Koffee storefront closing?

Yesterday we heard from two different people that the storefront of Kuhlman’s Koffee in Nixa is closing on Friday (today).

If you don’t know Kuhlman’s, it’s been owned and run by Ed Kuhlman for the past several years.  Ed hails from the New Orleans area and from my understanding of it, used to work in the insurance industry as an adjuster for freight shipments that came into the ports of New Orleans.  He is a full-blown expert on coffee, and he has forgotten more about coffee than I’ve ever known.  The Kuhlman’s Koffee coffee bar has been located just south of the Nixa Wal-Mart on the west side of Highway 160.

Ed’s true love is roasting coffee, and he’s been roasting in the back of his coffee bar, selling his roasts in his shop and commercially to coffee shops.  I haven’t been to Kuhlman’s in several months, but my understanding is that he’d handed over day-to-day management of the coffee shop to someone else so he could focus on the commercial roasting.  But today, I heard that the shop itself will be shutting down for good on Friday.

I’m sad to see Kuhlman’s go, but I wish Ed the best in his roasting endeavors.  You might be drinking Ed’s roasts around 417land and not even know it.