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Making coffee from melted snow

Again, the GimmeCoffee twitter feed pays off on another great moment in coffee history.

Inspired by Mark Prince at CoffeeGeek, James Hoffmann over at his JimSeven coffee blog decided to try to make coffee using snow as the water source.  There are photos of the beginning stages of the process, although he doesn’t have any brew photos.  He had heard that in Norway they tell the kids not to eat snow because it has worms in it.  He checked that out and didn’t find any worms, but I’m a little concerned that he didn’t filter the coffee at all since my understanding is that each snowflake is ice formed around a piece of dust.

In the end, he said the coffee tasted good but a little overextracted.  It was a fun idea.  Check out his blog for all kinds of coffee thoughts and ideas.  I’m particularly intrigued by his recent argument that the “wine model” of the coffee industry doesn’t work and that the high-quality coffee industry needs to come up with its own identity for appealing to the masses .