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RK Drums reopens for coffee drum roasting sales

I noticed over at SmallAxeCoffee that RK Drums has reopenedRK Drums was started by a man named Ron Kyle to build coffee roasting drums, and he became a standard in the online coffee roasting community.  RK Drums became known as one of the top places to buy a drum for homeroasting on your grill or larger commercial roasting drums.  Sadly, Ron Kyle died in late 2008, and the future of RK Drums has been in question.

Now Ron’s friend Shane has stepped up and taken over the helm of RK Drums.  Shane has had to work through several transitions to keep the site up and running and to move things back into production, but it appears that the dust is finally settling.

RK Drums is now shipping a 4-pound coffee roasting drum for the home roaster and 6- and 8-pound drums for the commercial coffee roasters.  They are also offering motor mounting brackets, mounting base plates, and rotisserie kits.  In addition, if you’re willing to wait, they’re also selling commercial motors, home motors, and both commercial and home combo kits.

If you want to roast smaller batches on a drum roaster, you should check out the Coffee Roasters Club site that offers 1-pound and 5-pound coffee drum roasters, as well as rotisserie motors designed for drum roasting on your gas grill and their new coffee bean cooler and de-chaffer.  I use their 1- pound roaster at home, and it’s done me well.