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New Year’s Eve coffee: Kaldi’s Coffee

For the last coffee stop of 2008, I decided to make a run to Kaldi’s Coffee.  I wanted to compare their Americano to what I’ve been drinking at the Coffee Rush.   Kaldi’s has a chalkboard up on the wall over their area where you can buy bulk coffee beans, and it’s announcing their new Espresso 700.  Apparently, both their original coffeehouse in St. Louis and their roastery are located at addresses with 700 street numbers (the original coffeehouse is at 700 Demun Ave in Clayton, and the Roasting Plant and Barista Education Center is at 700 St. Bernard’s Lane in St. Louis), so they’ve named their new espresso blend Espresso 700.  I don’t actually know if this is the coffee they are serving at the coffee bar, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

For breakfast, I bought a whole wheat cranberry almond scone.  They have good scones at Kaldi’s, and they usually have a whole wheat option.  i also bought a chocolate-dipped pecan coconut cookie for later in the day.  I bought my Americano, and I have to say, it’s really not as good at the Americano at Coffee Rush.  Again, I don’t know if it’s the Espresso 700 they’re promoting on the chalkboard, but I’m guessing it is.   I’m going to have to keep trying, but so far, the Coffee Rush Americano is the best I’ve tried in 417land so far.

I’m sad because I never got around to eating the pecan coconut cookie today.  I guess I’ll try to eat it sometime later.  I’m heading to Kansas City for New Year’s Day, and then it’s home for a few days since year end work will be wrapped up today.