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The Coffee Ethic has some new coffee hardware for sale

The Coffee Ethic is now carrying more coffee accessories for true coffee lovers. They have a Technivorm automatic coffee brewer in stock, which I highly recommend since I now own one. If you’re going to drink good coffee, then you should buy a good coffee maker designed to extract the full flavor of the beans you’ve paid so much for or worked so hard to roast. They also have some Baratza Maestro conical burr grinders in stock — I’m thinking of buying one of these to replace my hand-grind Zassenhaus.

They also have Chemex 6-cup manual coffee brewers in stock. This morning, Tom and I were talking about the 3-cup brewers and how useful they are for single-cup drinkers, but he said they went with the 6-cup brewers because they have a 3-cup mark on them and can be used for small batches or for the larger 6-cup batches. I have a 4-cup Chemex at home (that size is now discontinued), and in my opinion, the Chemex brewers are the best way to get a clean cup of coffee with the full flavor extraction. If you don’t like the “mud” you get in a French press cup of coffee, and you only drink in small batches or you’re not willing to spring the high price of a Technivorm, try the Chemex.